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19 September 2019

Even one preventable maternal death is simply not acceptable

WINDHOEK, Namibia—Midwives, health-care providers and professional associations are the closest to delivering on the promise of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) to... Read more

18 September 2019

Family members arrested for planning child marriage for 15-year-old girl in Ethiopia

KOLA TEMBEIN DISTRICT, Tigray Region, Ethiopia—Earlier this year, Haderu Gebray, 15, and her parents were arrested for planning her wedding. Child marriage is illegal in Ethiopia yet her father, who... Read more

10 September 2019

"Trust and empower us” – young Ugandans on their sexual and reproductive health and rights

KAMPALA, Uganda—Young people in Uganda are experiencing a pushback and backlash regarding their sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), particularly in regards to sexuality education,... Read more

3 September 2019

“We need concrete actions. We’re protesting for our future” – youth climate change activists

PRETORIA, South Africa -- Twelve-year old Yola Mgogwana’s face beams with excitement when she is asked to share what she is doing to mitigate global climate change. “I [make] eco-bricks with rubbish... Read more

2 September 2019

Climate change disproportionately affects women and young girls – and here’s why

“Women bear the brunt of extreme weather events because they lack economic, political and legal power.” Action needs to be escalated regarding climate change to create a sustainable green future,... Read more

30 August 2019

Malawi youths call for better reproductive health services

LILONGWE, Malawi—“Many young people are making wrong choices because information about sexual and reproductive health is not easily available,” said youth activist Jenifer Sani. “Even when the... Read more

27 August 2019

Enhancing Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights, Gender and Climate Change Linkages to Build Climate-Resilient Communities

Twenty-five years ago, world leaders acknowledged the threats of climate change at the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD). In the Programme of Action, they recognized that... Read more

13 August 2019

No SDGs without Equality, Rights and Choices!

The United Nations’ High Level Political Forum on the Sustainable Development Goals met at ministerial level, ahead of the September SDG Summit under the theme ‘Empowering people and ensuring... Read more

2 August 2019

Let’s Talk! commits to ending early and unintended pregnancy in East and Southern Africa

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa—Caroline had just completed her high school education when she found out that she was six months pregnant. But her boyfriend abandoned her and she found she was no longer... Read more

1 August 2019

Lesotho Youth Commitment to Accelerating the Promise of ICPD: The road to Nairobi

MASERU, Lesotho—Young people of Lesotho signed a far-reaching commitment to sexual and reproductive health and rights, that includes holding themselves accountable for implementation of the... Read more