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1 October 2018

CSOs critical for holding government and partners accountable in Africa

Africa needs the contribution of its civil society to drive its 2063 transformation agenda. As part of the Five-Year Review of the Addis Ababa Declaration on Population and Development (AADPD) from 2-5 October, 160...

26 September 2018

“I was afraid for my life”

"During my youth, I had to abort four times. I was afraid for my life when [on one occasion] it was dark and the doctor had only two candles to light [the room]," says Cecile*, 28, a student in Bujumbura.

18 September 2018

"We should be taught how to be a man and to be great partners"

“In safe spaces, as young men we should be taught how to be a man and [to be] great partners so that we curb gender-based violence and other social ills,” says Cebolencwala Dube, a mechanical engineering student from...

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